Friday, October 9, 2009

Help!! Blog candy incentive

Hi there,
I am in huge need of a yard sale. I think I will plan one for the weekend of October 24th. To help motivate me, I am offering a surprise box of blog candy. This contest will run until midnight EST on October 31st.

This is how you can participate:
1. Leave a comment telling me how you stay or try to stay organized. = 1 point

2. Become a follower of my blog = 2 points

3. Post a comment on your blog about this Blog Candy = 5 points

4. Refer two new people to my blog = 8 points

Some of the things in the surprise box will be : several copic markers, Stampin Up! stamp sets, scrapbook paper, ribbon, buttons and much more. The box will be at least the size of a shoe box if not bigger.


maiahs_momma said...

Wow, didn't think I would be the first to respond...oh well that is okay :)! First of all I'd like to thank you for this chance to win some goodies. Secondly I do my best to clean up after every crafty project I have on the go, and try to put the stamps back where they belong.
I have become a follower of your blog, I have posted a comment on my blog:
I have also gotten 2 people to say I referred them, just waiting for them to respond and I joined "Creatively Green Message Board"

Inky Hugs,

Susan (peebsmama) said...

I tend to pull a lot of "stuff" out when I make a project. And I wasn't very good about putting it back. Then my desk would get overloaded with no room to work. So to keep it clean and keep more organized, I made a "5 things" rule. When I'm done crafting for the day I have to put away "5 things" before I can leave my craft room. Usually this motivates me to put away more than that, but I know if that's all I get to, that's 5 less things on my desk to move out of the way later.

gocanucksgo said...

Hi Sue! Brand new follower here =) I would love to be entered into this fantastic giveaway. I just recently entered into the crafting world so my desk is still sort of empty. I've got 2 boxes of stuff that I make my cards with so it's fairly easy to clean up. I'm not really helping much with your question lol. I would say I usually clean up when i'm out of ideas and it's a good way to see what sorts of scraps I have. Keep up the fantastic work and thanks =)

Mistylynn said...

Hello there girly! You know, how do you have the energy to have a garage sale!?!?! I've been following you blog for some time now...I love your useful crafty projects! I especially love getting to re-use what you don't want anymore...haha. So I will post this to my blog, refer some of my online buddies to you and I will head on over to the creatively green message board.
Have a great day!

Mistylynn said...

Oh and I like to containerize my my wood blog stamps in long rectangular valentine candy boxes. I stack them in a drawer and that way I don't have to dig through stamps.

pescbrico said...

Hum, I tought I did answer that but maybe not! My way of staying organised is to clean up my space before each project. If I want to add something to my craftroom, I make some room for it by giving or trowing away some of the stuff I allready have. Too much is not good if you cannot find anything! Good luck with your yard sale!

gocanucksgo said...

I wish I could edit my previous post but I gave in and made a blog so I posted it in my blog candy post. Sorry and thanks =)

Jennifer Hansen said...

I am probably not one to give good organizing advice, since I will confess I am slob! My goal over the next two months though is to tackle the closets and all the extra junk we have stored in our house. Hoping someone else can use some of it instead! I'm also a follower. Thanks!

Karin said...

To help me stay organized, I have to know that I have a spot for it in my craft area BEFORE I buy it. If there is no room for that item, I can't buy it, or I have to get rid of an item I'm not using to make room for it. Things can get out of conrol so quickly!

Suzanne said...

Hi! This flower is so lovely, what a great job. I stay organized by not allowing myself to buy too much stuff. I try to be mindful of the fact that my husband lives here too. ;) I try to clean my room once a week, and I try to buy things that allow for meaningful storage. For example, my desk has cubby holes on the right and left sides built in. Every few months I try to sell things I no longer use so junk does not accumulate.

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