Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blog award and more

Thank you to Jackie at Chic Scraps.

For this first award here are the rules.

1.Post it on your blog, along with the name and blog link to the person who sent it to you.
2.Pass the award on to 15 other bloggers that you've newly discovered.
3.Remember to contact the bloggers and let them know they have received this very cool award! Here are the people I have chosen to receive this award.... Unfortunately I haven't done alot of blog hopping these are the ladies I feel that deserve this award.Their blogs ROCK!
1. Cyndi
2. Tanisha
3. Tiffany
6. Holly
7. Kim
8. Allison
9. Wendy
10. Kristie
11. Chris
12. Jennifer
I honored all of my followers that had a blog and for those of you that don't have a blog, I honor you too.

It is a very rainy day today. The water is all over the place.

I will be having a new segment here on my blog. Every Friday will be a giveaway day. I have items that I do not use or want anymore and I will be raffling them off. I will start with acouple of cuttlebug folders that I received in a package order and did not want.


Kristie said...

Thanks for the award, Sue! I'll get it up on my blog in the next few days :)

CyndiLou said...

Sue--- thanks so much for the award and your wonder support of me & my blog! You are a SweetSue!

Vicki said...

Thanks so much Sue for the award! This is awfully nice of you. I am frantically working on projects for craft show in two days and then I will get it posted! Blessings to you!

Christine (Craftling) said...

Hi, Sue.. Thank you so much for the award! It's beautiful. Good to hear from you again. :o) I hope you're well.

Chris xx

Kim Dellow said...

Congratulations on the award! And thank you so much for thinking of me to pass it on to :) Kim

CraftyFoody said...

Sue, thank you so much for the award. I'm so excited, my heart is pounding.


Monica said...

Thank you so much for award Sue. Sorry so late on the response! I have been super busy with the holidays coming!

tifflynn76 said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I feel bad becuase I have been SO very busy, I have been neglecting my poor blog. But, I am going to be updating today, and will get the award up. Thanks again! :)

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